OG become Valve Major champions for the second time!

Easily the best of the Valve Majors, the Manila Major is sadly over but the finale was fitting of such a great event. Liquid took an early lead in the Grand Finals, but it was OG who came out the victors to be crowned the Manila Major champions.


Going into Game 4 Liquid were now under extreme pressure. OG had used the same strategy two games in a row and they had still not found a solution to it. With OG 2-1 in the lead in the bo5 Grand Finals of the Manila Major, the draft for the fourth game needed to be on point.

The fourth game was the closest of them all, and the two teams were neck and neck for 30 minutes. It wasn’t until late game that OG’s farm just grew exponentially, BigDaddyN0tail’s Wraith King worth a thousand men. Kuroky’s Enchantress was easy pickings, especially with two Monkey King Bars on TA and WK, Liquid had little in response to OG’s powerful late game line-up.

As OG edged closer and closer to becoming the first ever team to win two Valve Majors, Liquid’s resistance grew slimmer and slimmer. THe final push came after 40 minutes, and with Liquid unable to hold their defenses they called “gg”, rewarding OG with their second Majors title. Liquid may have lost, but the Manila Major was their fourth Grand Final in a row, and their second time to be a runner-up at a Valve Major. A great effort by both teams but OG were by far the greatest team at this event.