Rocket League Tournament #2

Log On Lounge is proud to announce it’s second Rocket League Tournament!

After the first tournament we realised that not only there was not enough time for the teams to coordinate themselves (only a week), but that 3v3 is too much for such an early stage, as there are not enough competitive teams yet.

With this in mind, the new format will be 2v2, while keeping the Best-of-3 and Double Elimination aspects.
By popular demand, we are also allowing teams to sign up remotely after paying an extra fee – 10€. This being said, the regular
buy-in fee is 5€ per player, or 15€ per remote player.

Prize Pool (more info on this here):
– 1st: 200€
– 2nd: 100€
– 3rd: 40€

Information for the sign-up process is also available here.

Date: 14 August 2016

Notes: Please join our Facebook event for live photos, discussion of certain topics, etc.

The ExilePT Qualifier

To celebrate our recent partnership with ExilePT, we had a friendly 1v1 tournament as a Qualifier for the 2v2 Tournament.
Check the winners here on Battlefy.