At Log On Lounge, we offer two different kinds of Bootcamps, open and private.
To check our PC specifications, choose one of these links: Open Space Specs | Bootcamp Specs | PC Peripherals

If you wish to spend a full day practicing for a tournament for the next day with or without your team mates, this is the choice to go to. You’ll have a computer just for you, with your own password so you can leave your computer unattended and nobody will ‘facejack’ you.
This is also a good option if you’re just a group of 2-3 people who wish to socialize with the rest of the crowd.
Take your competitive scene to the next level, with better chairs, screens and peripherals.
We have a meeting table for the team manager, general meetings and meals.
The private room is also equipped with a whiteboard for tactic discussion purposes, and 2 sofas to relax after/during intense gaming sessions.

Open (Night)


Per Night
  • Price per Group
  • Eat & Drink throughout your training
  • Can accomodate +100 people
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Private (Day)


Per Day
  • Ideal for teams of 5/6
  • Less noise
  • Whiteboard
  • Meeting table
  • 2 Sofas
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Private (Night)


Per Night
  • Practice non-stop
  • Food & Drinks throughout your training
  • Best equipment in the house
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Please contact us if you wish to reserve on a regular basis, or for more than 1 day at a time.
Facebook | Email | Phone: 91 522 78 77
  • Reservations are only considered done after payment is complete.
  • Cancelations are only possible up to 24h prior to the start date, and we keep 50% of it’s value.
  • We do not rent peripherals, only full setups for the full price, though you are welcome to bring your own equipment.