By attending the Log On Lounge Tournaments participants agree to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the tournament administration. Every participant acknowledges the right of the tournament administration to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the tournament administration.
Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Unsportsmanlike and disrespectful behaviour towards the referees and the other participants will not be tolerated. Incidents will be punished by a game loss or an immediate disqualification for Log On Tournaments. Participants must abide by the instructions made by the tournament administration at all times


Game Account

– Every participant is required to submit the Hearthstone EU Battletag (nickname#number e.g. LogOnLounge#1234) which is used to participate in the Log On Lounge Tournaments in their profile.

– Participants must use the game account that they submitted during registration.

Deck Submission

– Prior to the start of the tournament, all participants must submit 4 decks (all with different heroes) to the tournament administration.

– Only standard cards will be allowed during the tournament.



Prior to the start of a match, players will reveal their 4 heroes and pick 1 ban.

Match Start

To start the match one player will challenge the other. Once the challenge has been accepted by both players, it may not be cancelled for any reason unless authorized by a tournament administrator.
In the event of a client crash a tournament administrator should be contacted immediately to assess the situation and issue a decision


Deck Rules during the Match

The loser of a game may not change cards in a deck for the next game.
If a player loses a game within a Bo3 or Bo5, the participant may pick another hero or use the same one for the next game while the other participant than won must use another deck.
The match will proceed until one player has won three matches for Bo5 (finals). The tournaments can be single elimination or double elimination unless stated otherwise.


Each participant should take a screenshot after each game to confirm their victory and keep them until the tournament has finished.

– If a game was finished in a tie so both participants drop to 0 health points in the same turn (both participants will see a “Defeat” as the endscreen), the game will be remade with both participants using the very same deck again.

– If a participant disconnects and is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection, unless determined otherwise by the tournament administration. The participant that did not disconnect has to wait two (2) minutes in the current game to give their opponent the chance to reconnect to the game. In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same deck again.
Substitute Players and Default Wins
If the player don’t accept the challenge within 10 min player will lose the match.

**Rule Violations
The use of 3rd party programs to alter the Hearthstone client or competitive experience is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate disqualification from Log On Lounge Tournaments.
It is forbidden to watch video streams and/or to listen to shoutcasts of your own matches while the match is still underway.
If a rule violation is witnessed, then it must be brought up immediately with a tournament administrator.**

Good Luck!