Pokkén Tournament Rules

Standart LAN Battle format 4 WiiUs 4 Monitors

General Rules

  • 01

    Players must decline the use of Player Data.

  • 02

    This is where you can place additional information on key points about the position, keeping things shorter if possible.

  • 03

    Pokkén Tournament in LAN Battle format will automatically resolve round time-outs by awarding a round Win to the player with the highest percent HP remaining. If a game ends in a Draw, the game will be replayed.

  • 04

    The Stage will be set to “Ferrum Stadium”. The Skill Level will be set to “Off”. Players may map buttons using the controller settings option. Players are limited to 30 seconds to map buttons.

Battle Pokémon

Cheer Skill Selection

The following Cheer Skills are legal for use:

Standard, Synergy Focused, Pressure Focused,
Support Focused, Special, Whimsical

The following Pokémon are legal for use. Players may also choose Random.

Support Pokémon

Match Play

If a TV, console, or copy of Pokkén Tournament malfunctions, loses power, or is interrupted due to circumstances outside the player’s control such that the current game cannot be completed, then the players will replay the current game. Players must use the same Pokémon, Support Pokémon, and Cheer Skill for a replayed game.

Match Progression

  • 01

    Matches are best 2-of-3 games unless otherwise designated by the Tournament Organizer.

  • 02

    For all other games, the winner of the previous game must remain the same Pokémon while the loser may change their Pokémon. If the winner of the previous game selected

    “Random” as their character, they must remain “Random.”

  • 03

    Support Pokémon may be changed by both players before each game and between rounds. Cheer Skills may be changed by both players before each game.

  • 04

    Penalty for failure to remain the same Pokémon following a game win.