Competition Method

– Double Elimination
– Best-of-3

Match Type

– 5 vs 5
– Conquest
– Draft Pick (Conquest)
– 1500 Starting Gold

Pauses & Breaks

– Max. 3 Pauses of 5m are allowed mid-game
– Max. 10m break between rounds


We have zero tolerance for any kind of unfair play.
If you, or anyone on your team, is caught cheating (eg. intentional disconnect) or hacking/glitching, your team will be disqualified immediately.


The Administrators reserve the right to modify the rules as needed.
This includes changes due to software updates or releases, event organizer decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to run a successful tournament.
Players are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to the event to ensure they are in complete compliance.
Players must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the administrators based on the spirit of the game.